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Tech Revolution: 5 Ghanaian tech start-ups celebrated by Facebook

The list of African achievers included five start-ups built by Ghanaians, made right here in Ghana to solve everyday Ghanaian problems. Social Media giants Facebook, has celebrated the achievements of African software developers in an annual conference in the city of San Jose, California.The list of African achievers included five …

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Internet pioneer Robert Taylor dies

One of the founding fathers of the internet, Robert Taylor, has died. While working at the Pentagon in the 1960s, he instigated the creation of Arpanet – a computer network that initially linked together four US research centres, and later evolved into the internet. At Xerox, he later oversaw the …

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Nokia 3310 to be re-launched in Barcelona

News of a potential re-launch for the iconic Nokia 3310 took the world by storm earlier this month, and the likelihood of a resurrection is growing stronger by the day.Fresh leaks have shed more light on the capabilities of the heavily tipped 2017 version of the handset, which is expected …

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